About Me

I created this site and this company to help people understand how their minds work. I have been practicing Mindfulness and Optimistic Re-Framing since the early 2000’s and have personally benefited from all the various practices and wanted to spread the word.

I learned that not one exercise or practice was the key to success – that being feeling better and accomplishing my goals.  Depending on my mood or motivation I realized that what resonated one day would not resonate on another day.  So I had to shake things up a little so my mind would not get complacent. Just like our muscles getting used to the same physical exercise our minds will do the same thing and I discovered that CROSS TRAINING by using various mental exercises was the real secret to success.

I got to this point through years of various life experiences.  I graduated from the University of Waterloo where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in 1986. I then started my first business where I owned and operated a retail and manufacturing business for almost 17 years.  I had stores in various resort towns in Ontario, Canada (Wasaga Beach, Sauble Beach, Grand Bend, Port Dover and Huntsville).  I also had a state of the art screen printing facility in Toronto were we supplied custom printed and embroidered garments for large companies such as Nestle, Revlon, BASF, Panasonic etc…

I sold that business in 1997 and then went back to school to obtain my MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) designations.  I then worked for 2 start-up companies as an IT professional and since 2001 I have been working for a large telecommunications company in Canada where I manage the Enterprise Customer Custom Solutions Group designing and implement both wireless and wire-line custom solutions.

About 10 years ago I started to get into Mindfulness and Mediation.  I quickly realized the many benefits it brings.  I hosted many drop in Meditation sessions at my home for my friends and family and I wanted to expand my knowledge of Mindfulness so I went back to school at the University of Toronto to obtain my Applied Mindfulness Specialist Certification where I specialized in the Mindfulness at Work stream.

I am currently working at that same large telecommunications company and I am working to bringing Mindfulness into the company’s culture.   I have conducted many classes (including several 8 week Introduction to Mindfulness Programs) giving the employees the knowledge and tools needed to improve upon themselves both personally and professionally.  We have on-going Meditation sits as well as various classes teaching my fellow employees about the benefits of Mindfulness and Optimistic Framing.

If your company or you personally would like to benefit from the programs that I have developed, please contact me.


John Windisman